Claire Cessar Styling

Wardrobe Consultant. Personal Shopper. Closet Expertise

DC. Maryland. Virginia

Client Testimonials

"When I got my new job, I wasn't sure how to mix the more casual pieces that I had with the 'wear to work' clothing that i needed. I did not want to go overboard, and buy things I couldn't use. Claire was able to walk me through pairing items I had with the newer pieces I had picked up. She is also a very fun shopping buddy! I look forward to using her services in the future! -Kendall T.

"I used Claire Cessar Styling when I was moving, as I had way too much stuff in my closet to take. The clothes I had were nice, but they needed to be jazzed up. Claire helped me decide what pieces would work in my new town, and how I can make them a little more playful to fit in with the vibe. She never once made me get rid of anything that was sentimental to me. I had a great time spending the day with her! -Joanne H

"I needed a new suit, and I wanted one of quality and style with a good fit. The problem was all my suits were ill-fitting and baggy. I felt as if the sales people i had previously worked with did not understand what I needed. I was referred to Claire by her friend, and I was really impressed with the way she put me first. Plain and simple, she knows how a suit fits and how to properly dress a guy." - Cal G

Wardrobe Consultant

Personal Shopping

Closet Expertise